How ONLINE SCHOOLING is Different from Traditional Schooling !!

Online High School Program…………………
ONLINESCHOOLING.IN high school experience is one with exceptional courses, dedicated teachers, a strong support team, and an individualized program. It’s a place where you can truly find your career.
How Online High Schooling is Different!!
Online high school courses targeting a top-tier university, a local community college, or an immediate career, ONLINESCHOOLING.IN will help maximize each student’s personal post-high school success.
ONLINESCHOOLING.IN high school program is available in many states through top public schools. Students can also take individual, ONLINESCHOOLING.IN high school courses with full teacher support on a part-time basis through the ONLINESCHOOLING.IN
Online Public Schools Program…………..
Why “online” with ONLINESCHOOLING.IN is totally on the mark for so many families.
Most states are enrolled in online public schools or “virtual schools” that partner with ONLINESCHOOLING.IN and the number of students is growing rapidly every year. In fact, with over one million courses delivered to date, ONLINESCHOOLING.IN is the leader—by a wide margin—in providing learning programs to public schools in India.
How Online Public Schooling is Different!!
This schooling differs from traditional schools in that classes do not take place in a building, but rather at home, on the road, or wherever an Internet connection can be found. Students take courses online with support from their teacher via phone, online Web meetings, and sometimes even face to face.
The parent (or “Learning Coach”) keeps the student on track in line with the provided lessons plans. While courses are delivered online, the schools provide plenty of opportunities to connect online and offline with school community for both parents and students.
ONLINESCHOOLING.IN has a staff of uniquely qualified education professionals who provide extensive, one-on-one support for families. Students enrolled in these public schools affiliated to ONLINESCHOOLING.IN also enjoy:
• A tuition-free education system.
• Qualified teachers, with a parent in the role of “Learning Coach”
• Learning at home, on the road, or wherever an Internet connection can be found
• Flexible pacing and an Individualized Learning Plan
• A combination of online and offline coursework—including a wide range of textbooks, videos, and hands-on materials—as part of a comprehensive Primary or high school program
• Parents of children in grades Standard-6 can expect to spend 3–5 hours per day supporting their child’s education
• In Standard 7 and 8, learning coach time typically decreases to about 2 hours per day as your child becomes more independent
• During high school, the parental learning coach role continues to be an important, supportive element; however, a student is expected to manage his or her own time with greater independence
• You can expect that your child will spend 5–6 hours per day on coursework and homework, which most parents believe is “just right.”
Who Is This Intended For?
• Are interested in getting a head start on their college education
• Need more time than the standard classroom allows to master concepts
• Feel they don’t fit in, or are being bullied in their school environment
• Are easily distracted in a classroom setting or have a learning challenge
• Seek extra attention that’s not easily found in many classrooms
• Travel frequently or are uprooted throughout the year due to family situations
ONLINESCHOOLING.IN provides families and students with the tools and support they need to achieve their goals. Whatever the reason, our program is working in our partner schools for families across the country who wants well-rounded, academically successful children with strong character.
Because they’re part of the public school system, Online Public Schools are always tuition-free. The entire curriculum is provided free of charge. In many cases a loaner computer, printer, and Internet access* are also provided. Student can get help of these accessories from your nearest schools.
How Do I Get Started?
ONLINESCHOOLING.IN Virtual Public Schools are currently available in most states in India. Select your state for a list of the options available, and access to each school’s individual website where you’ll find full details.

Why parents choose online schooling for their children?

Today India is counted as a developing country in the world. Everybody know it, why? It is due to lack advance education system in India. We the young generation people have think some different for the well being of our future generation. We have to change or add on something in our education system.

Today internet is the shortest way to reach somewhere, to get information, to know the answer what question in our mind, to chat, to meet friends, to study online, to connect with the Galaxy. But we the Indian are a step forward on all categories rather then onlineschooling / online study.

Why parents choose online schooling for their children?

  1. Online Schooling is not time bounded.
  2. It will help students to study from home where an internet connection available.
  3. A student can get knowledge in international standard, not only village, town, state, country standard
  4. Students are not here subject bounded
  5. Each student can choose their own career from five years old age.
  6. Choose your own virtual classroom on your convenient time.
  7. It will not harm your study even your parents bound to shift in the midterm.
  8. Students can get same teacher/guide from the particular school/college where their parents/Students self want.
  9. n-number of guides/teachers are there for a single subject.
  10. Easy to communicate between guide/teacher and student via text chat, audio chat, video chat, digital writing communication, online exam, study material, Project work, case study & doubt clearing classes.
  11. Private guide/teacher for student’s whole study career.
  12. The houses where internet facility, computers are not affordable, can get the benefit via smart classrooms at your nearest school/colleges.

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